Travertine tile flooring is created from a natural stone that is part of the limestone family. When minerals dissolve in groundwater and are later deposited on the surface (through rivers or springs) travertine stone is formed. This type of stone has been used for centuries in the homes and monuments of the rich and royal. Even the Roman Colosseum was built from travertine.

You will find this tile in a variety of earth tones, including ivory, beige, brown, brown-red, and even gold. Today Travertine Tiles are widely available to anyone who would like to add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to their home. It is closely related to marble, but travertine can be purchased for a much more reasonable price.

Not only is there a wide spectrum of colors available when using travertine tiles, but there are also multiple finishes that this tile can have. These finishes are; tumbled, honed, brushed, and polished.

It is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for tiling floors. It can also be used in bathrooms, showers, countertops, and as a backsplash. It is most often used for the kitchen.