Slates are composed of layers of rock, sometimes showing great colour variations from layer to layer. Slate is a very porous stone that must be sealed for any interior application. The material has a natural clefted (textured) surface which makes it a very non-slip surface. It can be used for floors, fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, etc.

Slate Tiles are generally used to install in kitchens, countertops, slabs and sinks. It is highly resistant to heat, moisture, stains, spills and scratches. The major advantage with them is that they are quite durable, with long lasting beauty.

Slate tiles are one of the most versatile tiles you can use inside and outside of your home. The durability of slate, the ease with which slate tiles can be cut, and the actual slate material make it perfect for a variety of locations throughout your home.

Some of the best places to use slate tiles in your home include bathrooms, kitchens, and even on outside patios or indoor sunrooms. Slate tile is naturally slip resistant as well, so no need to worry about slick tiles around wet surfaces.