Marble is a natural, metamorphic stone. It typically has a high polished surface. As with most stones, natural color variations are part of its beauty. It is a relatively soft stone and should not be used in applications where it will be in continuous contact with staining agents, such as in a kitchen. Polished marble cannot withstand any exposure to acids such as citric acid from lemon juice. If exposed, it will etch and loose its shine.

Marble is most appropriate for formal, lightly used floors but it is always in great demand for bathrooms and fireplaces. Honed marble is an increasingly popular material for floors due to its better wear properties, warmer feel and less slick surface compared to polished.

Marble tiles are a great way to add both value and beauty to your home. There are several benefits to using marble tile over other natural stone flooring options like slate or travertine. Probably the best benefit is that you can add a large amount of value to your home with a comparatively small investment. Marble is seen as an exotic and luxurious choice for flooring material so even though you might only spend a few hundred dollars in materials, you could ask thousands more for your home when you go to sell.