Marmoleum stands out from other similar floor coverings because 97% of it is derived from natural sources such as Linseed oil, pine rosin, and limestone to name a few. Even the components which go into creating the vibrant spectrum of colour pigments available are from ecologically responsible and renewable sources.

Aside from its positive environmental impact, Marmoleum also helps promote and maintain healthy air quality in the home making it an ideal solution for asthma and allergen concerns. Marmoleum’s click-flooring has an inherent anti-static property which repels dust and dirt which not only makes it easy to clean and maintain, but also reduces exposure to allergens exponentially. In addition, Marmoleum products feature strong anti-microbial attributes which halt the breeding of nasty micro-organisms like MRSA, and C-difficile. This is why Marmoleum is a prominent flooring used in hospitals and schools.